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Almadro remains proud of Petro Gazz stand

Petro Gazz may have lost the 2023 Premier Volleyball League-All Filipino Conference championship to Creamline, but head coach Oliver Almadro remains proud of what his team has accomplished.


Despite being just 15 points away from winning their first-ever All-Filipino championship in the second game of the finals, the Angels were unable to close out the Cool Smashers and ultimately fell in four sets in the third game.


However, Almadro emphasized how happy he was with his team's performance, considering the challenges they faced this conference. The Angels lost key players like Myla Pablo and Bang Pineda, former head coach Rald Ricafort, and ex-assistant coach Arnold Laniog, who played important roles in the team's championship run in the Reinforced Conference just last December.


But the Angels stepped up to the challenge and proved that they are still a team to beat. 


"Earlier, we were talking and they were saying that many left and they were surprised that they had left, so they were left with what they had. When I arrived with them, I said that we will find a way and make the most of what we have. Indeed, those players who felt that they were lacking before now feel that they are worth it," said the coach who is is a two-division UAAP champion and a Spikers' Turf Grand Slam champion.


"In other words, they still have something to offer. They have proven themselves to be players who can reach the finals, and they are still a team to beat even though they are short of players. But sometimes it's not about skills; most of the time it's about character," he added.


Despite falling short this conference, the Angels remain determined to end their All-Filipino Conference drought next year. "So God works in mysterious ways, and I know that I may not be a champion today, I may not be a champion tomorrow or next month, but I'm really sure that we will be champions soon," said Almadro.


The Angels' journey this conference is a testament to their resilience and determination. With the right attitude and character, they were able to overcome adversity and prove that they are still one of the top teams in the league. And with their eyes set on the championship, there's no doubt that Petro Gazz will continue to work hard and give their all next conference.

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