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Brooke Van Sickle hungers for more success

Brooke Van Sickle, the freshly anointed MVP, found herself swept up in the tidal wave of enthusiasm that defines the country's love affair with the sport.

For Van Sickle, her inaugural campaign with Petro Gazz was more than just a season of competition; it was a journey of discovery, a firsthand witness to the blossoming of volleyball in the Philippines. The Filipina-American powerhouse, now a proud flag-bearer for the nation, expressed her elation at the sport's growth and her eagerness to represent her newfound home on the international stage.

“I knew that the volleyball was going to be good. That was a given. Just seeing all the fans and how passionate are everyone about volleyball here, it's cool to see this growth of the sport,” said Van Sickle shortly after hoisting the Conference MVP award. “It feels extremely professional, it feels awesome. It's fantastic to play here."

Her sentiments echoed the sentiments of a community united by their love for the game. In the wake of clinching the Conference MVP title, Van Sickle's gratitude was palpable, her pride in donning the Petro Gazz jersey evident for all to see.

But accolades aside, Van Sickle's journey was defined by more than personal triumphs. Her debut season saw her lead the Angels to a commendable third-place finish, a testament to her prowess on the court and her ability to inspire those around her.

From racking up impressive statistics to clinching crucial victories, Van Sickle's impact was undeniable. Yet, in her humble demeanor, she deflected praise onto her teammates, recognizing that volleyball is a team sport through and through.

“Again, just very grateful for my teammates. It's a six-man sport. I won't be able to do it without them. It's just icing on top, to be able to do a podium finish, it was good,” she emphasized.

While the ultimate prize remained elusive this time around, Van Sickle remained undeterred, her sights set firmly on the future. With unwavering determination, she believes that Petro Gazz's time will come, fueled by unity, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Losing's not fun but it's just exciting to be able to have that room for growth and be able to still be optimistic and seeing the standard of volleyball and everything like that, seeing the type of volleyball in the finals and now, how can we get there and how to get there every day. It was exciting to be able to watch this game tonight and learn a lot of things.”

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