August 20, 2023

Choco Mucho absorbs first loss in VTV Cup

Choco Mucho encountered its first defeat in the 2023 VTV Cup as its was defeated by Vietnam 1, led by Tran Thi Thanh Thuy, with a final score of 21-25, 19-25, 16-25 during Sunday evening's match at the Lao Cai Gymnasium.

The Flying Titans hold a 1-1 record, placing them in the third position, which they share with Japan's Kansai University -- the team they defeated yesterday.

Choco Mucho demonstrated their competitiveness against the Vietnamese national team in the initial set, showcasing a sequence of five consecutive points, which narrowed the gap to just two points late in the set, with the score at 20-22.

However, the turning point arrived when Hoang Thi Kieu Trinh assumed control and secured crucial points, propelling Vietnam to a 25-21 victory in the opening set.

The second set witnessed Vietnam asserting its dominance by swiftly establishing a 10-2 lead and maintaining command throughout, culminating in a 25-19 triumph and moving them closer to a clean sweep.

Vietnam's robust net defense played a pivotal role in their advantage during the third set. They managed to break free from a narrow 12-10 lead and establish a more comfortable 18-11 margin. Choco Mucho's contribution to their opponent's success was evident through several errors committed during this phase.

For this match, head coach Dante Alinsunurin made alterations to the starting lineup, fielding Isa Molde, Kat Tolentino, Bea De Leon, and Maika Ortiz. Deanna Wong and Sisi Rondina retained their positions within the First Six.

With their sights set on regaining momentum, the Flying Titans are geared up to face Australia, who are yet to secure a win, tomorrow at 4 p.m. (Manila time).