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Creamline's journey to volley immortality

In the jubilant aftermath of Creamline’s historic eighth Premier Volleyball League crown, Jema Galanza’s exuberant proclamation echoed with a potent blend of jest and undeniable truth.

Amid the euphoria of their epic triumph over Choco Mucho, Galanza’s spirited declaration resonated through the Smart Araneta Coliseum: “Dadagdagan pa namin – 9, 10 or 11? Forever.”

Her words, initially light-hearted, carried a weighty implication – the Cool Smashers’ dominance was far from waning. Galanza’s performance throughout the series, a beacon of brilliance amidst the intensity, steered her team to a resounding victory in the All-Filipino Conference Finals. When Tots Carlos faltered and Alyssa Valdez faced resistance, it was Galanza who relentlessly challenge Choco Mucho’s formidable defense with an array of shots.

In the crucible of the competition, Galanza stood tall, seizing control when the odds seemed insurmountable and delivering when it mattered most.

Her 20-point contribution was a testament to her unwavering resolve, ably supported by Bernadette Pons, Pangs Panaga and Carlos, who each showcased their own brand of excellence.

Yet, it wasn’t just Galanza’s offensive prowess that shone, her defensive acumen was equally impressive.

Teaming up with Pons, she displayed versatility and grit, anchoring Creamline’s defense with 16 excellent receptions.

After Bea de Leon’s set-, match- and title-clinching two-handed putaway and celebrations ensued, Galanza reflected on the team’s remarkable journey, encapsulating the essence of their triumph.

“It’s truly an overwhelming feeling because we never expected to make it to the finals…but here we are, champions once again,” she said.

Behind their success stood Sherwin Meneses, the mastermind behind Creamline’s strategic brilliance. In the pivotal Game 2, his coaching prowess came to the fore, rallying his team from a precarious 1-2 set deficit. Drawing on the depth of his bench and instilling unswerving belief, Meneses orchestrated a comeback for the ages.

But amidst the accolades, Meneses remained humble, attributing their success to the collective effort of every member of the team. For him, it was about teamwork, unity and a relentless commitment to excellence.

In the annals of sporting greatness, the Cool Smashers stood tall, their indomitable spirit and unyielding determination etching their names in history.

With each member contributing their steadfast effort, they promised to defy the odds and secure more championships in the face of an ever-competitive league landscape.

Just as Galanza had boldly proclaimed, Creamline’s quest for greatness knew no bounds.

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