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Kamille Cal joins Nxled

In the world of sports, decisions often come down to timing and opportunity. 


For Kamille Cal, the 22-year-old playmaker, the time has come to bid farewell to her collegiate career at the University of the Philippines (UP) and step into the professional arena with the new Premier Volleyball League (PVL) team, Nxled.


Kamille's journey has been marked by dedication and resilience. She had already completed her residency at UP, but her decision to go pro was influenced by the challenges she faced within the Fighting Maroons volleyball program. The team was undergoing a significant overhaul, and Kamille felt the impact firsthand.


"It was really a challenging time for everyone, and trainings were postponed for about 3 months. In the middle of it all, I was already feeling frustrated because 3 months of no training can significantly impact an athlete's progress," Cal candidly shared.


Amidst these setbacks, Kamille found herself at a crossroads. She had to weigh her options carefully, considering both her personal growth and her career prospects. The allure of the PVL beckoned, and she decided to embrace the next chapter of her volleyball journey.


Kamille's journey through collegiate volleyball has been an intriguing one. She began her collegiate career at National University (NU), representing the Bulldogs for a season before making the move to UP. Her time at UP was marked by dedication and hard work, but ultimately, the winds of change blew her towards the professional leagues.


Now, as she dons the Nxled jersey, Kamille finds herself in the company of talented teammates, including Dani Ravena, Cams Victoria, Lycha Ebon, Krich Macaslang, Chiara Permentilla, Rachel Jorvina, and Jho Maraguinot. Together, they form a formidable team, ready to take on the challenges of professional volleyball in the PVL.


Kamille's excitement for the journey ahead is palpable. She recognizes that competing at the professional level will elevate her game, pushing her to reach new heights. "The higher the level, the bigger the chance to grow. I'll be facing established teams and respected athletes. That fact excites me because I know it will force me to become even better," she exclaimed.


Leaving her comfort zone is a nerve-wracking prospect, but Kamille is resolute in her pursuit of growth and excellence. She welcomes the challenges that lie ahead, knowing that they are essential stepping stones on her path to success.


Before making the leap to the professional ranks, Kamille gained valuable experience by participating in ASEAN leagues alongside other collegiate players. Despite limited playing time, she was inspired by the high level of volleyball she encountered. This experience ignited her desire for more significant opportunities, ultimately leading her to the PVL.


Additionally, Kamille recently signed with Virtual Playground as a talent. She credits the agency for providing the guidance and support she needed to make informed decisions about her career. Their expertise in contract negotiations and player management has played a pivotal role in her journey.


As Kamille Cal embarks on her professional volleyball career with Nxled, the young playmaker stands at the threshold of a promising future. Her dedication, talent, and hunger for growth serve as a testament to her determination to make her mark in the world of volleyball. The challenges may be daunting, but Kamille is ready to face them head-on, driven by her passion for the game and her unwavering commitment to excellence.
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