March 19, 2023

Regine Diego rues lack of communication in Game 1 loss

F2 Logistics head coach Regine Diego was visibly disappointed after her team's loss to Creamline in Game One of the 2023 Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference semifinals.

The fourth-ranked F2 Logistics had a chance to take the lead in the first set, but a miscommunication between Kianna Dy and Ivy Lacsina proved to be costly, allowing Creamline to take the opener and eventually win the match.

Diego lamented her team's lack of connection on the court, saying that it has been a recurring problem since the conference began. "I told them that they can't stop connecting with each other. For example, in the first set, they didn't communicate, right? That has been our problem ever since," Diego said.

The F2 Logistics coach also noted that the team's trend of losing momentum after winning a set has been a recurring problem, and she is now racing against time to find a solution to keep the Cargo Movers in the series.

"In the semifinals, it's either you give your heart out or nothing. I hope they learn from that because it's very important. This is not just a random game; this is the semifinals, a different ball game now," Diego said.

Despite the loss, Diego acknowledged that Creamline simply wanted the win more today. "We lost because we didn't want it as much as Creamline did. That's the only reason," she said.

The F2 Logistics coach now faces the difficult task of motivating her team to bounce back in Game Two. "We're already here – it's a waste if we don't give our best. Creamline played well today, and they want it more, so we'll do our best in the next game," Diego said.

For F2 Logistics, the challenge now is to connect better on the court and sustain their momentum throughout the match. With their backs against the wall, the Cargo Movers need to bring their A-game in Game Two to keep their championship hopes alive.