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Savi Davison embraces leadership role in PLDT

In her second conference with PLDT, Fil-Canadian outside spiker Savannah Davison is stepping into the spotlight as the lead force for the High Speed Hitters.


With key players like Kianna Dy and Mika Reyes sidelined due to injury, Davison's versatility and leadership were on full display as she guided PLDT to a resounding 25-22, 25-6, 25-9 victory over Galeries Tower in a debut match that showcased her all-around prowess.


The absence of Dy and Reyes didn't dampen Davison's spirits; instead, it fueled her determination to be the go-to person for her team.


After the stellar performance, Davison expressed her satisfaction, saying, "I think everything's coming together. All the days that we put in, hard work—I'm just super excited to start this season with the people we have on the court. And I think being that go-to person, that is my goal. So, I'm very happy with the outcome."


Preferring to approach each season with a clean slate, Davison is focused on maintaining a calm and free mindset on the court.


"You play the best when you play calmly and freely. So I'm just happy with the outcome, and I just want to be that go-to person on the court, and if the points show up, then the points," she added.


Davison's stat line in the debut win speaks volumes about her impact, tallying a game-high 19 points with 16 attacks, two blocks, and one ace. Beyond scoring, she contributed nine excellent digs and eight excellent receptions, showcasing her all-around excellence at the Filoil EcoOil Centre.


Despite the absence of key players, PLDT managed to secure the victory, drawing substantial contributions from new additions such as Kim Fajardo, Majoy Baron, Shiela Kiseo, and Kiesha Bedonia. Jules Samonte, stepping in for Dy, also made significant contributions with 15 points and 10 excellent digs.


Davison, however, remains eager to see a complete and healthy High Speed Hitters squad on the court.


Expressing care for her sidelined teammates, she emphasized the importance of their day-to-day presence, stating, "It just adds depth to our team. We care for everybody, and we hope that their recovery is fast. But I think more so it's the day-to-day that we miss them the most. Seeing them on the court and seeing them play this sport that they love, I think that will just feed into the positivity that we have right now."


As PLDT navigates the season, Davison's leadership and on-court prowess will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their pursuit of success.

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