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Sisi Rondina knows Choco Mucho's time will come

In the vibrant arena of Philippine volleyball, amidst the deafening cheers and thunderous applause, there's a narrative of resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit that transcends the scoreboard. 

Such was the tale etched on the courts of the 2024 Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference, where the clash between Choco Mucho and Creamline unfolded into a saga of grit and grace.

As the final huddle of Choco Mucho concluded, Sisi Rondina, a titan in her own right, stole a moment to reflect. Her gaze wandered to the jubilant celebrations of Creamline, a sight she had become all too familiar with. 

Yet, her countenance was not one of defeat but of unyielding optimism, a belief that echoed through the hearts of her teammates and fans alike.

For the second consecutive time, Choco Mucho found themselves on the losing end of the Finals against Creamline. 

Yet, for Rondina, there was no room for regrets, only pride in the valiant effort her team had put forth. With a 2-1 lead in Game 2, they had pushed the defending champions to the brink before succumbing in a five-set thriller.

“Lagi kong sinasabi sa kanila na tuwing naglalaro, maniwala, magtiwala, at manalo. Kaya gawin lang namin 'yun, wala kaming pagsisisihan kasi syempre binigay namin ang best namin," remarked Rondina, her words infused with the passion that fueled her every spike and dig.

As the former league MVP reflected on the game, she found solace in the belief that every twist of fate had a purpose. Despite the outcome, she held her head high, knowing that they had given their all and had taken Creamline to the limit.

“Lahat naman ng nangyayari ay may rason at kita niyo naman mismo kung paano naming nilaro yung laro kanina, hindi naman binigay ng madali ng Creamline," she expressed, her eyes reflecting the fire that burned within her.

With another conference ending in silver, Rondina urged her teammates to embrace their journey, using it as fuel for their future endeavors. As they looked ahead to the Reinforced Conference, she reminded them of their roots and the trials they had overcome.

“Ayun sinabi ko lang din sa dugout na 'wag na 'wag tayong titigil mangarap kasi darating at darating 'yun," she reiterated, her voice resonating with determination and hope.

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