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Tsuzurabara honors Petro Gazz's unsung heroes -- Tempiatura and Barbon

In the heart of the Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference, Petro Gazz Angels soared to victory in a straight-sets triumph over Capital1, leaving head coach Koji Tsuzurabara with a singular wish—to honor the unsung heroes of the court, the liberos.


Following the Angels' commanding performance, Tsuzurabara made an unconventional move.


He invited his two liberos, Jellie Tempiatura and Blove Barbon, to join him at the post-game press conference.


Explaining his decision, Tsuzurabara articulated the unique challenges faced by these defensive stalwarts.


"A libero operates somewhat in solitude on the court," he began. "They can't score points, and if they make a mistake, it counts against the team. Being a libero requires special skills and mindset."


Indeed, against the Solar Spikers, Tempiatura showcased her defensive prowess with an impressive 9-of-12 in digging, while Barbon excelled with a 9-of-16 record in receptions. Their efforts didn't go unnoticed by their coach or teammates.


"I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our two liberos," Tsuzurabara expressed, his admiration palpable.

For Tempiatura, who had seen limited playing time in past conferences, this recognition was both validating and motivating.

"It’s a big responsibility din kasi ako sa defense so parang kailangan mo talaga magfocus every game," she shared, grateful for the opportunity Tsuzurabara had afforded her.


Barbon, too, acknowledged the significance of their coach's decision to utilize two liberos, each specializing in a specific skill.


"Sobrang thankful kami kay coach na pinagkatiwalaan kaming dalawa," she remarked, her gratitude evident. "Nakakatuwa lang kasi nung nakaraan po kasi parang isang libero lang po talaga yung naglalaro sa amin so ngayon gusto po kasi ni coach na dalawa kaming mabigyan ng time."


As Petro Gazz continues its quest for volleyball glory, the spotlight may often shine on the spikers and setters, but it's the quiet heroes like Tempiatura and Barbon who ensure that every point is fiercely defended and every reception flawlessly executed.

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